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Character & Temperament

The Basset Hound is a very loyal and faithful dog and its lovable nature makes it an excellent pet. If and when you decide you might like one as a member of your family this is what to expect from Mr Basset.

A Basset Hound does not consider himself to be a dog. Their owners are regarded as members of the pack and it is natural for a Basset to try and work his way up in the pecking order, hoping to become the leader. This is more common in male hounds. Puppies and young hounds will try this out in various ways, and part of their charm, for many, is in their stubborn disobedience. You must convince your puppy, from the off-set, that his big brown eyes will get him nowhere, the hardest job, of course, is to convince yourself of this first! It is important to know that a Basset Hound is sensitive and any heavy handedness should be avoided.

Bassets are exceptionally good at playing stupid. Having taken your favourite seat and being fast asleep on their backs with their legs in the air snoring LOUDLY, they pretend to be deaf and you don’t have the heart to waken them. However as soon as you shake the biscuit tin they suddenly are beside you with their tail wagging and eyes saying, “Oh yes please.” They are very quick at taking your slipper or socks without you knowing it. If your Basset is not on your chair or on your knee he has your slipper or sock!

A Basset loves attention; he likes to be number one. He is very much a lap dog and loves the comforts of a cosy home. He doesn’t like going outside in cold or wet weather unless absolutely necessary. Bassets are difficult to house train; they require time and patience.

Whether you decide on a Basset Hound, as a family pet, or as a show dog, it is a breed that cannot be ignored if you want a house full of laughter and happiness from this four, short legged, hound. They are very easy to please, a meal a day (He will eat more if allowed!) lots of attention and a warm settee is a recipe for a happy Basset.

It must be noted that Bassets are pack animals; they don’t like being left alone for a lengthy period of time, they do enjoy the company of other dogs and even a cat. If left alone for hours Bassets can become bored and destructive they also can become a barker, not good if you have neighbours.

They are, however, super dogs to have as a pet and you must always remember you don’t own a Basset Hound you are owned by one, or more, if you’re lucky.