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Care of your Basset Hound


Settling a New Puppy

Your puppy will have been living in a warm room for the last eight weeks and no doubt it will be very strange for him to be alone with new owners. It will take a few days for him to adjust. He will of course miss the warmth and company. It will help to put a hot water bottle (well wrapped), an old sock and a ticking clock in beside him as this seems to comfort a puppy. As he is used to sleeping in a warm draught proof bed on a blanket it would help if this continues. If he has his own bed, kept in the same place, he will soon learn this is his particular place and he will return to it whenever he is sleepy or wants some quiet. If you have young children remember to allow your puppy to have some quiet time too himself when he can sleep without being disturbed.


Worming and Vaccinations, micro-chipping

 Your Basset Hound  should be wormed  every six months.

He should be taken to the vet to receive his  yearly vaccination booster, kennel cough vaccination is also needed if you require your Basset to stay in boarding kennels.

Do not take a puppy out until he has had all his vaccinations (around 12 weeks old) or have access to other dogs.

Your Basset puppy should have had its first vaccinations and be  microchipped if you have bought from a reputable breeder , check you receive the correct documents when you buy your puppy. If your puppy has not been microchipped and has not received its second vaccinations have this done immediately.


A Basset should never be allowed to be taken out for a walk in a street without being fully vaccinated at the age of three months.

Also because of the terrific growth rate of the Basset (Bassets are big boned, but their bones are not strong until they are 2 years old), he should not be taken for long walks until he is at least 12 months old, increase the walk from six months to two years. Playing in the garden or short walks of  about 15 mins on a lead will be sufficient from 8 months up until his first birthday. When he is around 18 months to two years old walk him as long as you like!

Do not allow your puppy to jump up and down steps or stairs or furniture, as this could easily produce loose shoulders and unsound front. Do not lift your puppy up by the front legs.

 Do not feed your Basset for at least one hour before or after a walk and do not walk your Basset with a full stomach. Avoid excess drinking (do not allow your Basset to gulp water) after strenuous exercise, this can lead to bloat which is life threatening.

 Please read up about torsion/bloat  on the health page and be aware of the symptoms. If your dog is displaying any of the symptoms take him to the vet urgently as it is a medical emergency. The motto is if in doubt, get it checked out!



The Basset takes a long time to learn simple rules of obedience and toilet training, please be patient and consistent. (He is not stupid, just somewhat laid back). You are doing very well if he sits and/or stays on command!



The Basset needs very little grooming, a good brush over will be sufficient on a regular basis.

If the ears drop into food give them a quick sponge down with warm soapy water and dry. Clean inside of ear with a baby wipe regularly. Also keep nails trimmed and clean teeth regularly from puppy hood.